School Catchment Map for Maddiston Primary School, Falkirk


Maddiston Primary School is situated in Falkirk and is a Non-denominational school. According to information from Summer 2014, there are 399 pupils and 25 teachers and the school is operating at 91% capacity.

Information about Maddiston Primary School

Number of Pupils 399
Number of Teachers 25
Denomination Non-denominational
Associated high school Braes High School
Building Condition A: Good – Performing well and operating efficiently
Capacity 91%
Funding Type Local Authority

Contact Details for Maddiston Primary School

Phone Number 01324 506750
Address Glendevon Drive


Pupils’ Attendance at Maddiston Primary School, Falkirk

Maddiston Primary School Falkirk Average
Attendance 95.8% 91.8%
Authorized Absense 1.4% 1%
Unauthorized Absense 0.6% 0.7%
Truancy Level 0% 1.1%
Sickness Absence 1.7% 3.6%
Pupils Arriving Late 0.5% 1.6%
Exceptional Absense 0% 0%
Temporary Exclusions 0% 0%

Inspection Reports for Maddiston Primary School

Inspection Report Date
Download Inspection Report 20/12/2006
Download Inspection Report 06/09/2005

Other School Information about Maddiston Primary School, Falkirk

Maddiston Primary School Falkirk Average
% of pupils taking free school meals 20.6% 17%

Further information

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